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 The forums!

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RGNK Hermit
RGNK Hermit

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PostSubject: The forums!   Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:06 am

Hello everyone, I am back! I was gone for a long time, and ignored almost all of you. The reason on me being gone is I got my Xbox working again, the new Modern Warfare had just come out at the time, and then I stopped using interwebs. Then I sprained my wrist and couldn't get on when I wanted to. Anyway, I am here to say that this thing will actually become a place where we can get together and plan for some quality game time on other systems and games, not just Monster Hunter! For those of you not from the MHWiki forum, ignore the last part of the previous sentence and this one.\\

I'm back, baby!

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The forums!
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